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Everything is bigger in Texas and naturally we have put together the best bachelorette party ideas Houston. Here at Butlers in the Buff we have gathered some of the best bachelorette ideas for a weekend in Houston so you can plan your event with confidence. Learn how easy it is to hire one of our buff butlers the perfect addition to any party!

Bachelorette Party Ideas Houston


Butlers in the Buff not only look good but they’re a talented bunch too! Have your butler mix up and serve your favourite drinks while you relax and enjoy the cheeky view. Who could ask for anything more? Our Butlers know their way around a champagne bottle too and are the perfect addition to a wine tasting party! All while working hard in their bottom revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie.



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Bachelorette Party Ideas Houston

If you’re feeling a little creative plan in an evening with the girls at Pinot’s Palette they have great bachelorette party workshops and an art class is a great way for everyone to get together over a glass of wine and have a giggle. A great idea for a creative bachelorette party ideas Houston. With three Houston locations your group can choose the most convenient venue to your hotel or favourite restaurant.

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For the more action-packed bachelorette party travel a little further to Galveston. Learn to surf with Island Surf or Ohana Surf and Skate. Stroll the pier or go for a quite paddleboard tour.

Get your cowgirl on with western trail rides at a luxury ranch with spa! Have your Butler in the Buff serve a sexy champagne breakfast to start off a day of pampering or to serve the cocktails after a day of trail riding. For a luxury ranch experience near Houston plan your weekend bachelorette at Blisswood Bed and Breakfast Ranch, they have lots of great ideas and activities to challenge your group in the great outdoor.

Bachelorette Party Themes in Houston

Themes are a great way to tie it all together. Little details throughout the weekend make the bachelorette party extra special. Of course a western theme is a popular choice for bachelorette party ideas Houston. Try a nautical look with navy and white accents or a vintage pin up style western theme if you want to be a bit different. Put a cheeky sailors or cowboy hat on your Butler in the Buff while he serves up drinks during a cocktail happy hour! For more great themes and bachelorette party ideas in Houston visit our Pinterest page for inspiration. 

bachelorette party ideas Houston

 Butlers in the Buff specialize in helping your party run smoothly. Your butler can serve appetizers and treats throughout the evening, serve a three course meal, or, for a summer BBQ bachelorette he can man the grill and serve up dinner for your girls complete with chef’s hat and apron. Yum! And he’ll even do the dishes.

Know someone who would make the perfect Butler in the Buff? We are always recruiting across the US and Canada. They can apply online here.

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