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Get Your Atlanta Bachelorette or Ladies Party Started
with a Butler in the Buff!

Hey Atlanta! Looking to take your bachelorette, ladies’ party, or Atlanta event to the next level? We all know Southern charm and hospitality make for the best parties and events, and our buff butlers are the perfect addition to your bachelorette party!

Atlanta Georgia Bachelorette Ideas with Butler in the Buff

Party Butlers are simply a MUST-HAVE for any Atlanta Event!

  • They get the party started with games
  • Mix your favorite drinks, served with a cheeky twist!
  • They’re masters at serving cocktails, appetizers & dinner
  • They can be your hunky helping hand around the grill
  • And they do it all with a cheeky view!

Atlanta Georgia Bachelorette Ideas with Butler in the Buff

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Butlers in the Buff not only look good but they’re a talented bunch too!

Butlers in the Buff will make sure your Atlanta party goes off without a hitch! Your buff butler will make sure you don’t have an empty drink or appetizer tray while they’re around. Did we mention the cheeky view? Going out in downtown Hot-lanta is of course a must-do at your bachelorette party, but our buff butlers are masters around a champagne bottle, so why not bring the wine tasting to you? If you want something more casual, our butlers are perfect for a summer BBQ bachelorette party, as they can man the grill and serve dinner for your girls. All while working hard in their bottom revealing apron, collar, cuffs, and bowtie.


What Your Butler Can Do…

The Party Butler is there to get the party started, entertain, delight, and, of course, be a little cheeky. Our talented and cheeky crew is the perfect addition to:


Bachelorette Party Ideas Atlanta

Looking for the best bachelorette party ideas in Atlanta? Look no further. Atlanta is not only graced with southern hospitality, but fabulous shopping districts, cocktail lounges, and sweet little day spas to boot. Here at Butlers in the Buff, we know how stressful it can be to organize a bachelorette party. So, we have made things a little easier and gathered our favorite bachelorette party ideas for Atlanta. That way, you can plan your event with confidence!

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

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Don’t forget, if you know someone who would make the perfect Butler in the Buff we are always recruiting across America and Canada. They can apply online here.