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If you would like to know more, please read on.  We have taken some time to answer the most commonly asked questions for your convenience. 

Maybe it is your first time booking a buff fun butler for your bachelorette party or other occasion. 

If we don’t have the info you need right here, please email us at bookings@butlersinthebuff.com and a friendly member of our team will be delighted to help. 

Will my butlers tend bar and mix drinks?

Butlers in the Buff are a fun novelty service, although many butlers are bar trained not all of them are. Some of the guys will have more experience than others with cocktails, but so long as you provide all of the ingredients, a recipe to follow and equipment, they can all mix and serve your drinks – with a cheeky smile.

If you have particular drinks in mind for your event, please let us know in the preferences box when you book, we will ensure your butler or butlers are ready. 

What about having my butlers help with games and activities

Now we’re talking! Let the fun begin, yes your butler or butlers will be delighted to help in all of your bachelorette party games. Actually any games for any occasion, birthdays, girls nights in, Halloween, whatever you are celebrating a handsome buff butler or 3, would make a fun addition to your activities.

How many butlers do I need?

It mostly depends on your budget, 1 butler is a lot of fun, 2 butlers is even more fun, and so on,  we have a rough guide that if your party has more than 15 guests, then a 2nd butler might be a good idea, but we often have parties for 6 guests with 2 butlers or 20 guests with one 

Naturally, 2 or 3 butlers are more fun as they vibe off each other to bring even more fun to your party. 

What kind of things could I ask of my butlers?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase, your wish is my command, (Hmmnn!, within reason) 

Your butlers are there to be shockingly delicious eye candy while helping with serving up your drinks and food, – Making a fuss of the birthday girl or bachelorette – assist with all of your party games and activities – a handsome surprise greeter for arriving guests – Pose for life drawing classes, even help tidy up. Really, we are there to help do whatever it takes to make your party one to remember. 

When are your peak or discounted pricing times?

We don’t have those, our rates remain the same on any given day or time, each job is quoted at an hourly rate based on the number butlers for the number of hours along with the party location.  The hourly rate decreases when you book either more hours or more butlers or both.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

How do we select our butlers?

We do not offer a service where you can pick your butler or a service offering “look alike” models. 

All of the butlers on our website pages are real Butlers in the Buff who work for us from all of our locations,  we don’t hire models for photo shoots, we only use genuine pictures of genuine Butlers in the Buff. 

What you are seeing on our website or any social media pages are the kind of guys we have in your area. We have very high standards.

You can see a selection of our Butlers in our REAL BUTLERS IN ACTION gallery or at our North American Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ButlersintheBuffNorthAmerica

With so many events each weekend it is difficult for us to allow our clients to pick their butler. Rest assured, however, that every Butler in the Buff has been hand selected for his charming and fun personality, as well as his toned body and handsome looks. They are all very attractive outgoing, fun and charming guys.

We are unable to guarantee a particular butler or preference but we will always do our best to accommodate your requests where possible

When should I book?

Sometimes, we can accept a booking with just a day’s notice, or less, but the earlier you book the more likely we are to have a space available. 

Normally, we recommend booking at least 2 months in advance, as we approach your party date, there will be less and less availability at busy times. 

Due to the COVID lock down 2021 is shaping up to be an unusually busy year and some dates are becoming fully booked much earlier. 

Our best advice – As soon as your group or party agrees that you want to book, jump online and make the booking. 

Yes, cash tips are gratefully received.

How much you tip is of course up to you, but provided your butler has worked hard and helped make your party memorable, please tip in the same way you would tip your restaurant server. 

Asking my butler to work extra time?

Very often our clients are having such a great time that they ask the butler to stay and work for longer than originally booked. This is fine and you would negotiate a cash payment with your butler for this. 

Please note – You butler may be booked onto other jobs, or have made personal plans, and so they may not be able to stay and work after your time finishes, it is far safer to pre book the time if you feel you may need it. 

Are we allowed to touch our butlers? 

Erm awkward!  Haha, just kidding,  yes of course, please be respectful though hey! Appropriate touching as part of party the games and activities or putting your arms around him for group photos is fine. 

Can we take photos?

You sure can, snap away and take some fun shots to help remember the fun times you had with Butlers in the Buff. 

Butlers in the Buff signature uniform?

Our signature look is White collar and cuffs, wirth black bow tie and a short black cocktail apron. The apron is just long enough for, well you know, his modesty. 

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Also at no extra cost, when you book, you have the option of adding black bootie shorts to be worn under the apron, or black dress pants and shoes. 

Will our butler need a place to change?

Your butler or butlers will arrive a few minutes early and call or text you. (In case they are a surprise for the group) You can then smuggle him in and please give him a bathroom to change,m he is then all yours for the party. 

Can our butler be dressed to our party theme?

Lots of parties have fun themes, so why not accessorise your butler to fit right in? 

Your butler will be very happy to accessorise with any items you bring for him to help the theme of your party. 

How do we book our butlers in the Buff?

Super easy, once you have obtained a quote or quotes from our website, please select the quote you wish to book and scroll down to just below the price table – Depending on your browser you will see either a link or a button that says “click here to book your butler now” 

At this stage you will also have the opportunity to include and preferences you wish for us to be aware of and include other contact or party information.

What if I need to change the start time of my butler after I have booked, 

While we can’t always guarantee to be able to change a start time, if we can do it we are always happy to and at no charge.  It is usually easier for us to change a start time 2-3 weeks before a party date and can get more difficult as we get within a few days, but if we can we will. 

***If you are flying in to your party destination, please allow for flight delays for each member of your group***

How does the Butler contact me when he arrives?

Your butler will aim to arrive a few minutes before the start of the party, he will then call or text you to let you know he is outside. 

What if I would like to add more butlers or more time to my booking?  

No problem, just drop us an email at any time and one of our friendly bookings staff will be happy to assist. 

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