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‘Mr and Mrs’ Quiz aka the ‘Fiancé Game’ questions – naughty and nice!

This is a great game for bachelorette or stagette parties.

How to play:

• Have the future ‘Mr’ fill in his answers and then attempt the ‘Mrs’ questions beforehand.
• Have the future ‘Mrs’ answer the questions at the party. Compare the answers!
• To make things a bit more edgy, why not have your Butler record cash bets on how many the bride-to-be gets right! Mr. & Mrs. Quiz.

Top tip… why not ask the groom to film a video of his answers and you can play it on a large screen or projector at the bachelorette party!

This ‘he said-she said’ is guaranteed a few giggles!

Bridal Shower Games: Mr and Mrs Quiz Questions

The Mr and Mrs Quiz is a great party game to play at a bridal shower. The idea is the groom gets asked a load of questions about his bride to be and at the bridal shower she has to guess his answers. A great idea is to film his answers and play them on a big screen at the bridal shower!
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The butlers are waiting to serve you!

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The butlers are waiting to serve you!