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Every bachelorette party should have great games that break the ice, get everyone talking and laughing and help make the party memorable. Our Top 5 Bachelorette Party Games are the most requested online by clients and our butlers, being in the field, are always in the know with the latest and most creative!

Bachelorette Party Game: White Wedding

This twist on the wedding dress has plenty of competitive edge and packs a creative punch. Teams compete for the best dress design modeled by a gorgeous Butler in the Buff! There's no shortage of hilarity, glamour and sass as this hands on game delivers a great time for all. Take turns with one butler or try it with two!
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Bachelorette Party Game: Get your Virginity Back

Yes! It can be done! This seductive game is the perfect opportunity to get Your Butler in the Buff involved. He can prepare the shot glasses, liquor and whipping cream. Who doesn't want to see a gorgeous man wielding a can of whip with cheeky intentions?
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Bachelorette Party Game: Kiss My...

A game that has more blindfolds and lipstick than a 50 shades novel. Ok one blindfold-but a blindfold that is placed on the participant by a scantily clad Butler in the Buff is pretty hot too. Full length poster of favourite celeb hottie needed and the aim is to plant a kiss on the money-maker! Whack on some bright lipstick and be spun round by your helpful hunk. Posters can range from current heart throbs to all out rude pin ups.
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Bachelorette Party Game: Bridget Jones' Big Panty Dash

There's no end of hilarity to this naughty version of a three legged race! Using, 'Fundies' underwear for two. This race is not for the faint of heart! Especially if a blindfold is added or an obstacle course. Perfect for girls who like competition and lots of laughs.
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Bachelorette Party Game: Panty Piñata

This game can be rendered as racy or as classy as your party desires. Plan ahead of time as each guest will need to contribute a piece of lingerie or panty that represents their personal traits or favourite past time! Popular ideas are naughty nautical themed panties for beach lovers or a classic vintage teddy. After the pinata is broken this activity turns into a fantastic guessing game with forfeits!
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Top Tips for Bachelorette Party Success

  1. Know your group. The best games are the ones that have just the right amount of challenge and naughty factor! Find out whether your partygoers are going to be cool and classic, wild and feisty or somewhere in between. Your Butler in the Buff will be familiar with all kinds of traditional and not so traditional games and activities. Not only will he put a sexy twist on some classic games but will provide suggestions and ideas to help with the flow and atmosphere of your bachelorette party.
  2. Plan your space.  Have your games work with the decor of the party. A giant cardboard penis may look a little off putting if your theme is a subdued one! Bachelorette party games should compliment not only the decor but the space you have available. So whether it’s an outdoor cinema-in-the-park style summer soiree or a cozy ski chalet inspired winter gathering -games and activities compliment rather than take centre stage. After all its all about mingling, reconnecting and being waited on hand and foot by some very helpful hunks!
  3. Maximum involvement. Start off with some of the more tame, traditional games or icebreakers especially if your group is a mix of old college friends, family and co-workers that don’t normally mix. Then work your way up to more daring activities. Have your Butler in the Buff announce the games, read off instructions  and hand out materials. These handsome hunks know exactly how to get maximum involvement for shy or reluctant groups. Don’t forget games are a great photo opportunity!
  4. Ice-breaker: No one knows how to break( or melt!) the ice better than a helpful, hunky Butler in the Buff! He’ll host quizzes, jump in on Twister (we’ve showed them how to tape their aprons down!), and help judge any competitions.  Always the gentleman, your Butler in the Buff will have your guests from work, college and family mixing, chatting and giggling together in a charming fabulous way that is never shocking or embarrassing.
  5. Save the drinks for last: Even if wine Wednesday is the highlight of your girlfriends’ week -pace the party! Plan the order that you play the games to bring out the drinking games at or near the end especially if you’re moving on to a dinner, nightclub or lounge.