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Planning a Miami bachelorette party? Consider hiring a handsome male butler to extend your experience and empower the party with personalized service. From poolside serving to VIP treatment, the Miami buff butlers will handle all those tasks while you and your friends have fun.

Ready to skip the stress and make your Miami bachelorette a legendary escapade? Hire a butler in Miami today, and let the pampering begin!

bachelorette party ideas Miami

Gorgeous, charming and just the right amount of cheek, Butlers in the Buff are a great to make all your bachelorette party ideas Miami come true.

Book a butler to start off the weekend right in your hotel suite. He will mix your drinks, hand out canapes, mingle with your guests while wearing little more than a bottom revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie.

Visit our party games page for a great selection of interactive games you can play with your Butler in the Buff! Looking for more things to do in Miami for bachelorette party? Check out our blog for the most up to date features.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

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What to Expect from our Miami Party Butlers? 

Can buff butlers Miami make the whole bachelorette experience unique and unforgettable?

Miami is a great beachfront destination for bachelorette parties, but you can create a completely unique turn with the buff butlers who can offer these experiences:

  • A Warm Beach Welcome – Let the handsome butlers from Miami handle your personalized towels and sunglasses while you swim and take sun-kissed selfies with friends.
  • The Hangover Rescue Kits – Leave the hangover kits in butlers’ bags and ask them to give you one when feeling like you need to rehydrate.
  • Custom Miami Experience – If you hire a handsome party butler in Miami, you’re recreating the boring experience into a loving memory, no matter the booze and sun.

So, why settle for less when you can let the Miami Butlers in the Buff handle the party?

Ready to trade beach stress for private bachelorette bliss?

Hire a Butler in the Buff

bachelorette party ideas Miami

Enjoy the Unique Bachelorette Butler Experience

There is no shortage of luscious spa hotels in Miami South Beach, the only challenge is choosing which one! The Standard Spa offers great day packages for guests and visitors alike. It’s on Belle Isle so is a great escape from the buzzing South Beach crowd. Perfect for a Saturday excursion! Why not start off your perfect spa day with a brunch in your suite served by a gorgeous Butler in the Buff? He can man the morning cocktail bar, serving mimosas and Caesars, or surprise the bride to be in bed with a hunky butler wheeling in the room service!

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

And the accommodation? Once your hotel is booked in, focus on reserving at least two fabulous meals out together and reserve your table early! Cecconi’s is elegant, the most beautiful al fresco Italian dining experience and a favourite in Miami popular for both brunch and dinner. Doing both is a must! The Bazaar by Jose Andres is cutting edge dining to say the least, tapas inspired but extraordinary and a fantastic addition to any bachelorette weekend!

For more great bachelorette party ideas Miami, why not stop by our Facebook or Instagram pages to view what many other bachelorettes get up to? Don’t forget to book your fabulous Butler in the Buff!