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Looking for Bachelorette party ideas in Washington DC? Butlers in the Buff are the best pre-game in the city! Surprise your girls with a handsome hunk in collar, cuffs, bow-tie and a little apron that barely covers his booty. He’ll mix your cocktails, pour drinks and serve appies as well as play bachelorette party games with you.

bachelorette party ideas Washington DC

Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas Washington DC

Tap into your creative side and dive into a great theme. Don’t forget to add a great hashtag for your group!

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All that Glitters is Good

There won’t be a single disappointing insta post with this stunning theme! Organise a night out with the girls in their best sequined dresses. Start the evening off right with a gorgeous Butler in the Buff manning a champagne bar with gold dipped Champagne bottles! Wearing only a bottom revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie your helpful hunk will pop succulent strawberries into your glass of bubbly!

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Black and White Ball

Throw a bash worthy of a presidential reception! Have your party favors, outfits and décor all in black and white. Hint: a Butler in the Buff in his saucy uniform will be the perfect matching accessory! For more bachelorette party ideas Washington DC see our party games page.  

Bachelorette Party Ideas Washington DC

Bachelorette Essentials Washington DC

Every bachelorette weekend needs a home base in a fabulous hotel whether it’s sharing a huge suite, or a few rooms down the hall. Our favorites are  The Mayflower Hotel  ornate, luxurious and historical-perfect for low key bachelorettes, The Mandarin Oriental  with its amazing view of the White House and east meets west style.  If an ultra modern, sexy boutique hotel is more your thing then Hotel Rouge will impress your bachelorette party! The Carlyle Suites Hotel is oozing with Art Deco style, and have fun, bachelorette friendly staff.

There’s so much to see and do in Washington DC your bachelorette party won’t fall short of activities to plan. We’ve looked a bit further off the beaten track to bring you something extra special for a bachelorette weekend in DC! First, get in touch with Museum hack for their off-beat and subversive tours of the National Gallery of Art. As they proudly tote their motto “this ain’t your grandmother’s museum tour”. You can imagine your guide dishing the dirt on well known characters from American history.

Why not surprise the girls with a fabulous room service brunch served up by a handsome Butler in the Buff? Ask us how and we’ll share some great ideas to pull it off! A Fabulous highlight to a bachelorette weekend in Washington DC

Don’t forget, if you know someone who would make the perfect Butler in the Buff we are always recruiting across America and Canada. They can apply online here.