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Butlers in the Buff for all your bachelorette party ideas in Sarasota! We are not only specialists in providing sexy gentlemen to serve your cocktails but we have sourced unique, beachy and fun bachelorette party ideas. Here are some of the latest and greatest ideas in the Sarasota area, from weekend getaways to glam evenings out to naughty nights in.

bachelorette party ideas Sarasota



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Fun Beach Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas Sarasota

Both Siesta beach and Turtle Beach offer cute bay front cottages with great views of Sarasota Bay. Create your perfect beachy bachelorette party with fabulous welcome packs. Add itinerary, aftersun, pretty beachy photo frame for post weekend photo memories and pink lemonade for the girls on arrival. Then arrange for a limo to pick your group up on the first night of your stay and have them take your bachelorette party around to the local clubs and lounges. Thoughtful hangover baskets for each member of the bachelorette party will be a lifesaver, hide them in the room to help everyone recover the next day! After a late brunch why not have a mobile spa visit, then surprise the girls with a Butler in the Buff to pamper everyone.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

bachelorette party ideas Sarasota

Pair this with a hot Butler in the Buff! Your Butler will host any party games, fetch drinks and food getting the bachelorette party going and ready for your next fun packed evening! Start off with a nice restaurant or sushi bar, then a chilled out lounge with one or two drinks so you can send the bride home the next day looking relaxed not exhausted. The perfect beach themed bachelorette that everyone will remember for years to come.

Bacheorette Party Ideas Sarasota

Not everyone feels like another night on the town with the girls. The pub crawl may not be the highlight for most bachelorette party goers. Enter the bachelorette party at home where you can create amazing themes -no matter the budget! A bachelorette party at home can be as wild or as low key as the bride to be wishes it. Some of our favourite bachelorette party ideas Sarasota are, mobile spa, a back yard cinema, a Moroccan theme with belly dance lesson and pole dance or burlesque lessons!

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Why not hire a tarot reader or Psychic to visit your home? A creative and kooky spin on a bachelorette party a la new age. Delve into the future of the bride to be or find out what mischief is in store for the bridesmaids! Many readers do mini sessions for parties and you can extend the cosmic theme to your decor and dress! Provide intimate lighting such as fairy lights or candles to create a mysterious atmosphere. Go even further with black lighting and UV art…hire a body painter to create amazing designs on your friends! Perfect for the creative bachelorette party on a budget.

Charming and helpful, with just a little cheek! A Butler in the Buff makes an excellent ice breaker at the beginning of your bachelorette party. Butlers in the Buff are hardworking eye candy.

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