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Why hold your Bachelorette Party at home?

Holding your bachelorette party in the comfort of your own home is cost effective and brings full control over your theme, décor, food and drinks. This option is most cost effective than going away, but potentially more stressful, so you need to make sure your bridesmaid team take on most of the organisation.

What kind of bride would enjoy a party at home?

As much as you need to consider your bride’s needs, for a home bachelorette you also need to consider how suitable your home is for the party, along with the time of year.  Your bachelorette at home can vary from being a quiet intimate occasion to full on party time!

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

One of the best reasons your bride will love a home party, is the flexibility this brings. If your bride wants all the thrills, but lower costs, you can arrange your own food, drinks and entertainment. The most important thing to remember is the bridesmaid team must take on organisation of the party, even if it is a at the brides home.

  • Flexible option that will not break the bank
  • Do not let the bride stress over organising the party
  • Be aware of the space you have

The benefits of a Butler in the Buff at home

Our hunky naked butlers are in their element at a home bachelorette. Need someone to serve drinks? Our butlers pour cocktails and wine with a portion of eye candy all part of the service. As your bachelorette moves steadily out of control, our butlers take part in games and generally add a bit of cheekiness to the whole event.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!