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What is Glamping?

Glamping is a more comfortable version of campaign where people stay in more stable dwellings that usually include things like a bed and running water… Glamping has become a well-established craze over the past decade and the combination of stunning countryside locations and comfortable make them perfect for a bachelorette! Glamping also offer more secluded locations where your bachelorette party can dance the night away without the locals telling you to keep it down.

What kind of bride would enjoy a party at home?

Glamping is a quieter option than going on a city break, for example. But be careful, it can still rack up the dollar bills. The bride going on a Glamping trip is more interested in spending quality time with her girls, and might also have a love of the great outdoors. This kind of trip would also be great f your bride enjoys adventure sports like rock climbing and rafting.

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Why is glamping a good option?

Glamping is great for keeping your bachelorette party together and having a shared experience you’ll all never forget (you may have a few hours missing). When you go on a bachelorette to city or the beach, the party tends to get split and go off in all different directions, a glamping party is a good way make sure that doesn’t happen and you can all enjoy the festivities together. It is potentially a cheaper option too because you can bring your own food and drink.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

The benefits of a Butler in the Buff to your glamping experience

Glamping is one of the perfect activities to add one of our naked butlers. Firstly, being away with your girls is great, but one of the side effects if the only “man candy” you might spot is the local gamekeeper. Our butlers are cheeky and even if nan’s on tour, nobody will be offended. Our butlers will serve drinks, play games and even get involved with the BBQ.