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What is a high tea bachelorette?

High tea is a growing trend for bridal showers and bachelorettes. It involves getting the girls together and sharing tea, cakes, crumpets, champagne and whatever takes your fancy! You’ll often find high tea is served in elegant bone china tea cups and you can even explore your own themes to make the occasion truly unique! Read more about Mad Hatter and Alice in wonderland themed high tea here.

What kind of bride would enjoy high tea?

Tea parties are perfect for a bride who exudes sophistication and class but embraces her cheeky side. If your bride loves elegant party favours, traditional décor and all things sweet, then high tea is an excellent choice. You also have a lot of flexibility to make the event more like a bridal shower or turn it into a bachelorette party without losing the elegance of the high tea vibe.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

  • For a sophisticated, elegant bride
  • Loves all things sweet, champagne and….tea
  • It’s inclusive of all friends and family

Why a high tea bridal shower or bachelorette?

High tea is a great option for your bride’s shower or bachelorette because it can be done in the comfort of your own home. This means you have full control over everything from the menu to the décor and the drinks. This is a great money saver and you can take all of the stress from hosting the event away by hosting at one of the relatives’ or close friends’ home.

  • You can choose everything you want, from the menu to the décor
  • Great for saving money as you can host from a home
  • You can ramp up or down from bridal shower to bachelorette party depending on your bride’s preferences (and even how the evening is going)

The benefits of a Butler in the Buff serving your high tea

Adding one of our sophisticated, cheeky and highly delicious butlers to the event is the perfect way to ramp up a high tea bridal shower or tone down a “no holds barred” bachelorette party you know at least one of the bridesmaids is pushing for. Here’s three reasons butlers will make your high party better:

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

  • Adds a bit of spice to your bridal shower, without making the evening too raucous
  • Highly trained butlers can serve tea, champagne and even make cocktails
  • Our butlers provide cheeky entertainment, so even nan will approve.