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Not Another Boring Office Holiday Party

Did you know our butler services are for far more than just bachelorette parties? Butlers in the Buff are always here to lend a handsome helping hand at all kinds of grown-up shindigs. Birthday celebrations, divorce parties, ladies’ nights, corporate or business events, product launches, and also… your office Christmas or Holiday party!

With the season of celebration right around the corner, and feelings of normalcy and desire to gather are welcomed back into our lives we have no excuses for lame-ass office Christmas parties!

Have you been set with the task of organizing this year’s holiday party for your colleagues? Or have you offered and are now stressing out while trying to please everyone? Maybe some of the employees want to get the boss or manager a fun surprise as a gift for Christmas.

Well, Butlers in the Buff have you covered. Keep reading for some helpful ways to incorporate these dapper butlers into your holiday event.

Holiday Party Ice Breaker

Trying to be cheery and social with the people that you work with every day can be tough sometimes. Every work environment is different. Having the guests participate and enjoy themselves when you don’t really know them or their spouses and dates can be even more challenging! 

Butlers in Santa hats

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Spice things up a bit by asking your Butlers to greet the guests and colleagues at the door with a smile. They can take their coats and give them something to drink before they show them to their seats. Seeing an attractive butler as they walk in when they don’t expect one will brighten the disposition of some, excite curiosity in others, and spark many conversations during the event!

Handsome Servers – Classic and Classy

Although we don’t offer professional bar service, your butlers will be delighted to mix your drinks. This is a great option for smaller groups and in-office parties when a full bar service isn’t necessary. Get creative and set up a table as a stylish bar, with all the necessary ingredients to bring out the holiday spirit. Your butlers can mix and serve drinks to order, and make sure everyone’s glasses stay topped up. 

We just released three of our favourite Holiday Cocktail Recipes on our blog last week which are sure to win the crowd. 

Along with serving cocktails, a gorgeous Butler in the Buff will serve canapes from a tray as your coworkers mingle. He can serve dinner, clear plates, and fetch anything you ask for. He will even help tidy up, as every gentleman should do. 

For larger gatherings (more than 12 guests), having 2 or more butlers is essential for the best butler experience. 

Party Game Host – Man-Candy MC

Every good event has an MC or party game host that sets the stage for loads of laughter and awkward good times. Your holiday office party should be no different. Asking a “funny” coworker to jump on it could be a big ask for them. And everyone wants to participate in the activities, especially if there are awesome prizes!

Our Butlers have oodles of experience with all kinds of party games. Your butler will be delighted to make sure everyone has a chance to join in. He will read the rules, hand out prizes and accessories, and show off his game skills if you would like him to play too. Butlers make great referees to make sure no one is cheating and everyone is having a great time. 

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Santa’s Helpers

If a full holiday get-together is not in the cards this year, or your event is at the office during work hours, you can still enjoy treating your colleagues with a Buff Butler. A great way to incorporate Butlers in the Buff into your holiday office festivities is to hire one to come to your workplace and hand out Christmas gifts or other treats for your staff. Hot Santa is in this year, and we are here for it!

office christmas party ideas

Maybe you close the doors for the season and everyone goes on holiday. Perhaps you want to bring something a little extra before you all head off. Well, a butler would be perfect to mingle, hand out snacks and gifts and make sure everyone leaves for the day with a smile on their face and something to think about during the dark days of winter. 

At the end of the day, you have offered or have been handed over the responsibility of organizing the office Christmas party, so it is up to you. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to do something a little bit outlandish or silly. Everyone needs a chance to relax and celebrate in style, and there’s no better time to do so than now.

Raise a glass to all the successes of the past year, and take the stress out of your event with a Butler in the Buff!