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A few cocktails in the night, and suddenly, you wake up feeling dizzy, groggy, and nauseous. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, especially during the bachelorette parties. And do you know how to prepare for this scenario? The old and good bachelorette hangover kit!

If you party in Scottsdale, you already know that there are so many great clubs and cocktail bars to have a drink or two. Surely, if someone suffers a serious case of alcohol poisoning or other emergency, you’ll need to step in and help them to the nearest ER or hospital. For those who only have a hangover, the DIY kits packed with the essentials will surely help.

So, how do we incorporate this into the Scottsdale bachelorette plan? What to put in the bag? 

Let’s take one step at a time and get there:

A Personalized Survival Bachelorette Hangover Kit Bag

Start with the bags and personalize them. You can print names and interesting designs, so everyone can know what’s there and whose bag it is. Hangovers can be nasty, so these emergency kits will save the bachelorette party. 

So, weeks before the Scottsdale bachelorette happens, you need to plan this step well. There are plenty of pre-ready hangover kits selling around, but putting in some personal effort will make things easier for everyone. 

personalized bachelorette bag hangover kit

1. Hydration and Recovery Essentials

Hydration is essential, so it should be the priority for your DIY bachelorette hangover kit. There are plenty of ideas to incorporate, but these are the musts:

  • Reusable water bottles to ensure everyone is hydrated
  • Electrolytes to make for the lost minerals
  • Rehydration drinks rich with vitamins and minerals for those who have an extra-rough morning
  • Protein bars because surviving a hangover on an empty stomach can be challenging
  • Caffeine boosts like coffee or tea
  • Dried fruits to energize you 

2. Comfort and Pampering Items

Dealing with a heavy head and nausea is easier if you feel comfortable (as much as you can). So, what should be put in the bachelorette hangover kit? Easy!

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

  • Eye mask for those who need extra sleep but the bright sun doesn’t let them
  • Melatonin for even easier sleep
  • Headache medication, depending on what’s available around you
  • Antacids because heartburn comes in handy with alcohol intake
  • Makeup wipes to wash away the last night’s stains
  • Skin moisturizer to rehydrate the dry skin
  • Lip balm to keep your lips soft even when dehydrated
  • Pain relief patches are great for hangover headaches

3. Refreshments and Beauty Needs

Once you’re done with the sickness and guilt in your stomach, it’s time to freshen up and get going. The bachelorette hangover kit should include these things for that purpose:

  • Mints or gums to instantly feel better
  • Dry shampoo to refresh the hair in the morning
  • Sunglasses because Scottsdale is known for the long sunny days
  • Shower gel with some relaxing scent to help you survive
  • Deodorant and perfume, if you still can handle smells
  • Travel toiletries like face wash, toothpaste, and soap
  • Hair ties so the hair won’t get in front of your face while groggy
  • Mini bottle of energizing juice, like ginger and lemon shots, for a quick fix

4. Bonus Bachelorette Kit Items

The following hangover kit items are optional. Check on the list and decide what will fit best for the Scottsdale crew’s specific needs.

  • A notebook and pen to write down the promises you won’t drink again
  • Ear plugs for those who are extra sensitive to loud sounds
  • Eye drops to refresh the dry eyes
  • Hand sanitizer, just in case
  • A puke bag, just in case
  • Some money for the bakery trip to bury the alcohol in carbs

bachelorette girls in a need for a hangover kit

Why a Hangover Kit at All?

It’s always better to be prepared than surprised. Even when you’re sure your friends and the bride aren’t heavy drinkers, the Scottsdale climate and the excitement can contribute to the hangover for sure. 

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

So, if the group budget allows that, you can create personalized bachelorette hangover kits. Also, there are affordable pre-made choices around, with the most important items like water, headache pills, and wet wipes. 

Hangovers are not funny, but they can get easier if everyone has the essentials to deal with them in a charming way. 

Pro Tips for Comfortable Scottsdale Bachelorette

Alcohol can make our reasoning worse and our memory blurry. Make sure you always know where your crew is and how to find them in the club. So, always be careful of:

  • People you don’t know, who try to invite you to their hotel room
  • Suspicious groups of people who push you to take one more drink
  • Losing your bag with the wallet and phone in it
  • Leaving the drunk friends behind – Simply don’t do that
  • Letting someone unknown take care of you and your friends

The bachelorette safety concerns are real, so be responsible and focused on the surroundings. That way, your bachelorette party in Scottsdale will become a beautiful memory for all of you, no matter the hangover.