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Here are some testimonials from our clients. Your input is important to us! If you’d like to provide your valuable feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can do so by contacting us here.

“We celebrated a Bachlorette in San Diego, Ca and decided to get a butler for our party. I was a little hesitant at first but when I walked down stairs to meet the butler I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was our butler gorgeous but he was also incredibly sweet. Austin was very accommodating, had a great sense of humor and really made all the ladies feel special, especially the bride! He really was the perfect combination of charming, innocent and just a little cheeky! I would recommend a butler in the buff for any Bachlorette or bridal shower especially if it's Austin :)”
Kelly R, San Diego
“We had an AWESOME experience this last weekend for my friends Bachelorette. It was easy to book and they sent automatic emails with game ideas and proof of receipt. I even had to call and reschedule the time and that was super simple.
Brandon arrived right on time and was so helpful, he even helped us hang some decorations. He changed and mouths dropped he was HOT and so nice! The ladies chatted him up while he made drinks and walked them over to each guest to make everyone feel extra special, at the end of our timeframe ladies were asking if they could chip in to have him stay longer! He had a great personality and made us feel comfortable and had some hilarious jokes while playing some of the games we wanted. Overall GREAT experience!”
Tia, New York
“We haven't been to a bachelorette in a while so we had a few games in mind but then were stuck. Luckily our hot buttler have hosted enough parties to know games for us to play. He turned out to be loads of fun. His personality and hotness was more than we paid for, We had so much fun the hours went by so fast we wished we had more time. We took plenty of pix and really wish we could have just stayed and play some more but we had some clubs to hit for our last night.

All the girls had so much fun! I told my cousin all about it and we plan on having one at her bridal shower, as this bride is not shy of having a stripper for the bachelorette. I would definitely recommend this place and cant wait to have fun with them again next year.”
Marilyn, Los Angeles
“I booked a butler for my best friend's bachelorette party and John was more than what I imagined. So sexy! Charming, fun, and respectful. Our entourage was made up of 7 girls, and John made all of us swoon (we're in Miami ladies(; highly recommend) He immediately made sure our drinks were filled and played saucy games with us (:

Chrystal helped me during the booking process and my event was short notice (within a week away). She sent me some ideas for party games and she was very communicative; when she found a butler she even went further to confirm preferences (we asked for a tall butler). So appreciative of her effort and in sending John, now he's my favorite too (:

Made us smile from beginning to end. Now I want a butler for every party.”
Victoria, Miami
“Our Butler was so AMAZING!
We hired our butler to come and serve brunch for me and the girls! We all loved him so much!
He made our weekend awesome!”
Kelly, Miami
“I wanted to pop in and say a few things in regards to our event on April 22nd!

It was a HUGE SUCCESS! The team of Butler’s we had this time were absolutely the BEST! Everyone loved Will , he made sure to keep everyone happy and well hydrated. 😊 All 4 of them are big sweethearts and of course good sports.



Melt Cosmetics
Melt Cosmetics, Los Angeles
“Our butler Sheldon was WONDERFUL!! Our Bride to Be had an absolute blast and we were ALL laughing hard enough to cry. I cannot wait till the next time I host an event like this -- I'll definitely be getting a Butler at every available opportunity!
Sheldon was FUN, PLAYFUL, incredibly HELPFUL and just so FANTASTIC. We were raving about him all weekend!
The drinks were perfect, he was totally up for all our games, and took some truly amazing pictures with us.”
Adrienne, Miami Beach, Florida, Miami Beach, Florida
“The most polite, respectable, and fun young men I have met in a long time. The whole experience far surpassed what I expected. I thought it would be a giggle to do but it ended up being the making of the party.

Chris and Steve were professional, kind, funny and extremely helpful, offering to do everything and nothing was any trouble. They were up for anything and were attentive to ALL of the women there. They were genuinely lovely guys who made us all feel special and helped me as the host enormously. I had no idea they would help and it ended up meaning I was able to enjoy the party as much as the rest of the girls. I don't know what I would have done without them.

They were both amazing and I will definitely recommend them to whoever I speak to in the future. They left us all on a high and we are all still gushing about them now over a week later. They couldn't have been better.”
Sarah W,, Birmingham

Our weekend would not have been the same without the experience that our butler, William, provided. We are eternally grateful for the energy he brought to the bachelorette! ! He was professional, but at the same time extremely approachable and just down right a good guy. There was no weirdness, and in fact was much more comfortable of an experience than I could have imagined. We didn't have much planned for him to do and he handled things seamlessly, creating the perfect mood (without notice) to fit our group. Excellent all round!
Kendall, San Diego
“Liam and Sebastian completely exceeded any expectation I had. Not only were they extremely fun, they also did all the work for me. As the hostess I was intending on managing the games, making sure everyone had drinks, keeping everyone entertained but the boys did it all and I was able to relax and enjoy the party just as much as the Bride to be did!! Absolutely priceless, I would definitely book them again.
They were so polite and fun, happy to help with everything. We had some Grandma's in the group and they introduced themselves and checked they were okay with the naked butts. Out of everything I purchased for the party the two butlers were the best money I spent. I wish I had booked them for the whole four hours”
Natalie, Newton Abbot
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