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Whistler is a top winter Canadian destination, but surely it’s worth visiting all year round. From romantic weekend getaways to bachelorette parties, this beautiful and scenic city has so many things to offer. 

So, we’re suggesting a few nice attractions. Everyone can find their favourite and have a great time during the Whistler stay.

1. Whistler PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola Sightseeing

Choose the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola for a stunning view of Whistler’s mountains and lakes. Keep in mind that it’s sometimes closed for maintenance but usually works during the summer season. 

The ticket price varies depending on the age and season. In general, children under 6 use the gondola for free. During the peak season, the ticket price varies between $50-$100, depending on age and timing. 

gondola ride on your whistler getaway - a nice cabin over the snowy mountains of british columbia

2. Whistler Sightseeing Tours

This is probably the most convenient way to discover Whistler. You can join a guided tour or create an itinerary yourself. Spot the most vibrant locations, like historic sites and Olympic venues, and enjoy the sightseeing while in Whistler.

You can extend the tour to the Central Whistler Village to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Don’t skip on the Green Lake, Nita Lake, and Rainbow Park. Take a look at the well-known Whistler Olympic Legacy Ski Trail. Check on the separate activities, as some may include ticket requirements.

3. Zipline Adventure in Whistler

The Zipline Adventure is best for adrenaline Whistler getaway enthusiasts. From the above, you can see more than Whistler – you have a large portion of British Columbia in your sight. 

Most zip lines are beginner-friendly, with available instructors to guide you through the whole process. Ensure you check availability, as sometimes it gets too busy during the peak season. Note that the ziplines in Whistler are accessible near public transportation spots.

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4. Visit the Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls are perfect to visit all year around, but we surely suggest doing that during autumn. This is a great spot whether you’re in Whistler or Vancouver, offering one of the most beautiful scenes in British Columbia. 

You can hike or walk, discovering the trails surrounded by the red cedar and Douglas fir trees. Enjoy the sightseeing and take some photos, because that scenery is worth capturing.

5. Ice Fishing Tour

People who love fishing can have a great time during their Whistler visit. There is an organized ice fishing tour that includes ice drilling, fishing, and even competing with the other visitors for the catch. 

Even though it’s not for everyone, many can enjoy old-school fishing on the ice. Let the professional fishermen guide you through the Coast Mountain Adventure while you’re having such a great time there. The tour is pricey, but it’s worth the excitement you get. 

6. Whistler Alpine Hiking Tours

Alpine Hiking is available in Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. You can join a hiking tour, or go together with your friends. Always have a map by your side to help you explore the beautiful trails and discover scenic views worth capturing. 

You can even use some of the gondola rides to easily access more demanding trails. Also, there are shorter paths to some of the most beautiful corners of the Whistler Mountains. It’s important to be realistic about how challenging trails you can handle. You can even start with easier ones and increase the ability level as you conquer various mountain spots. 

whistler mountains snowy hiking trails - beautiful scenery

7. Whistler Floatplane Tours

Floatplanes are an exciting way to discover Whistler and the whole of British Columbia from a bird’s perspective. Look at the beautiful mountains, rivers, glaciers, and lakes from above. The best thing – this tour is available from May to October, so you can plan your stay and include this activity in your Whistler getaway packages and itineraries. 

The whole experience lasts 20-30 minutes, but it’s one you won’t ever forget in your life. It’s a little pricey, as it costs between $169-$239 per adult person, but we guarantee it’s worth the little investment you’ll make.

8. Ice Skating at the Olympic Plaza

Whistler features a former Olympic venue, which is now a large tourist attraction. Surely, it’s not abandoned – just the opposite, the authorities turned it into an Olympic Plaza with various ice skating trails. And it’s one of the most exciting and most affordable activities here. 

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A perfect way to explore the sporting and cultural background during your Whistler getaway in winter. During summer, the Olympic Plaza becomes a cultural playground with so many exciting performances. It’s worth adding it to your bucket, as it’s affordable and offers plenty of entertainment possibilities.

9. Wellness Activities in Whistler

The mountains create a perfect natural sanctuary for your wellness activities. From yoga in nature to meditation by the lakes, you’ll find your inner peace, especially if you spent a few days hiking, eating, and partying in Whistler. 

Lucky for the visitors, Whistler offers spas, fitness studios, active relaxation opportunities, beauty treatments, and next-level health services. You can combine Scandinavian spa and yoga, or have a meditation session in the nature. It’s a truly rejuvenating experience worth including in your Whistler experience.

10. Treat Yourself With Some Shopping

Whistler Village and the surrounding areas are stocked up with so many interesting shops. From fashion to artwork, you can find something to buy and remind you of the most exciting stay in Canada. 

You can explore the groceries, buy some souvenirs, or simply treat yourself with beauty products. We recommend discovering some sustainable clothing shops and creating a unique sense of fashion.

Have You Planned Your Perfect Whistler Getaway?

Whistler is a perfect winter location, but you can find plenty of seasonal summer, spring, and autumn activities. Add some of these plans to your Whistler bachelorette itinerary, or even plan a few visits through the year. The best thing is that no matter how many times you visit Whistler, you’ll always find something exciting to work on.