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washington-bachelorettesWashington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #1 The Cocktail Hour

Bachelorette parties are a strange phenomenon for some where groups of women from every phase of the bride’s life are mixed into a party situation. Work colleagues, cousins, college friends, sorority sisters all need to find some common ground and get along for the evening!
The perfect place to start is with a Butler in the Buff cocktail hour! Gorgeous and articulate servers that know how to get a party started. He will answer the door, serve drinks, help host party games and even clear up afterwards. All while only wearing a little apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie. A great way to start the weekend with a little food, wine and the traditional bachelorette party games. Butlers in the Buff will have everyone giggling and mixing together-a perfect icebreaker!

Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #2 Bodacious Burlesque

Sax is a most opulent and vividly stunning nightclub that warrants a special write up all its own. This crimson and golden homage to Moulin Rouge is a must see- or rather must experience for your bachelorette party. Love the theatrical, the sassiness and wild? Then a visit to Sax will be the highlight of your bachelorette weekend. Start with a masquerade themed happy hour beforehand in your hotel suite with a scantily clad Butler in the Buff as the perfect accompaniment to a truly outrageous evening!

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Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #3 The Nightlife

If your bachelorette party is in the summertime then head to Ultra Bar, a fabulous place to get your dance on with all the hottest DJ’s DC has on offer! Splurge on bottle service and a table to rest at as this club gets packed.

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Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #4 The Lounge

A maze of nooks and cozy corners for sipping cocktails with the girlfriends and watching the beautiful people of Washington DC drift by. Eighteenth Street Lounge is detail oriented and full of little visual surprises-shabby chic to the hilt with perfect furnishings for lounging on. This venue truly lives up to its name and good reputation. Very busy on a weekend so make it a first stop for the evening.

Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #5 The Wine Tasting Party

Custom Wine Tasting will visit your home or hotel suite and cater the most delicious food pairings and wines from Virginia to California. Their mixology classes are perfect for bachelorette parties as well-especially love the chocolate themed cocktails. Have your Butler in the Buffserve the food and pass around samplings for added decadence.

birthday-party-ideas-washington-dcWashington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #6 The Best of the Capitol Party

This idea is perfect luxury for the out of town bachelorette party in Washington DC! Your guide, a gorgeous Butler in the Buff (fully clothed this time!) will navigate the historical landmarks and museums with your group. Enjoy VIP treatment as your gorgeous assistant meets you in your hotel, hails your taxi, carries your purchases, opens doors, even take your orders for lunch. Or for a naughty afternoon treat-have him for a cocktail hour back at your hotel suite!

Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #7 The Indulgence

You can’t really go through a girls weekend without a downtime activity, a chance to catch up and anticipate the upcoming evenings’ adventures. The spa at Mandarin Oriental is the ultimate spa experience and it is HUGE! Over 10,000square feet of pools, sauna’s treatment rooms and quiet zen spaces for quiet contemplation. The spa at the Ritz-Carlton is perfectly suited for those lustful for luxury and presidential pampering in ways only Michelle Obama would expect!

Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #8 Prepare the Recovery

A successful bachelorette weekend in DC always hinges on looking after all the details. Don’t forget the morning after! So once the eye masks have been removed and racoon eyes tended to, fresh food in an easy atmosphere will definitely be in the cards for a delicate headed bachelorette party! Check out Granville Moore’s. Nice, dark and full of booths; perfect enclaves for piecing together the sordid details of the evening before! A make your own Bloody Mary bar!? Enough said- head to The Argonaut for perfect eggs benny and no fuss French Toast.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #9 The Ultimate Cooking Party

Cooking parties are a fabulous way to spend a low key bachelorette party night with the girls or to really spoil your foodie friends. Big City Chefs will send a pro or even celebrity chef to your home for a cooking lesson your girlfriends will never forget! Surprise the girls with a Butler in the Buff or two to set the table and serve the drinks!

Washington DC Bachelorette Party Idea #10 The Surprise Champagne Breakfast

The breakfast of champions! What better way to start a day out with the girls than with mimosas and a room service breakfast or brunch served by a scantily clad Butler in the Buff. There’s no need to wait until the evening to bring in a fabulous man! Your Butler in the Buff will answer the door, serve drinks, help host party games and even clear up afterwards. All while only wearing a little apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie. The bride to be and guests will feel truly pampered and amazing. The best way to kick off a day at the spa or shopping. Popular and bachelorette friendly hotels in Washington DC are:

Mayflower Hotel– Ornate, luxurious and historical-perfect for low key bachelorettes.

Mandarin Oriental-East meets West in harmonious and perfect luxury. Amazing view of the White House.

Hotel Rouge– Ultra modern, sexy boutique hotel-will impress bachelorette party for less.

Carlyle Suites Hotel- Art Deco style, fun, bachelorette friendly staff.

All of these fabulous activities are suggestions that work well on their own or combined for a fabulous weekend. Remember, whatever your plans are, to include a fabulous Butler in the Buff! Ask for a quote today.

Butlers in the Buff also serve throughout Florida, including Orlando, Tampa and Miami as well as New York and Philadelphia!