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Meet Nicolas. He’s 28 years old, lives in Ottawa, Canada, and has been a butler since July 2014. His favorite feature? It’s got to be those boy-band eyes.

Tell us a bit about yourself…
I’m currently in the third year of a Software Engineering degree. I also run my own web design company and am a bartender at a local sports bar, too. In my spare time I enjoy exercising, playing soccer and hockey, and attending events relating to web design, technology and entrepreneurship.

How did you become a butler?
I was looking for another bartender job when a friend spotted an advert for Butlers in the Buff. It was the perfect job – it fits me and my personality.

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How would other butlers describe you?
Easy going with a deep booming voice! I’m up for almost anything – but always keep things professional.

How did you feel the first time you were a butler?
I was a little nervous but it’s surprising just how easy it is to forget that your bum is on show.

What’s your funniest butler moment?
Turning up to one job and discovering that my brother’s girlfriend was there. We immediately texted him a picture of my bum.

The butlers are waiting to serve you!


And the most outrageous?
For some reason girls keep insisting on me twerking. They then like to drink shots of schnapps from between my butt cheeks.

How do you unwind after a job?
I usually go home and shower – mainly to clean the butterscotch schnapps off my backside!

Any advice for potential butlers?
Pushups and concealer. That’s all you’ll ever need…