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Bachelorettes, friends and Butlers!

Your best friend has chosen you to be her Maid of Honor – an amazing privilege, you’re thrilled! You’re so excited to be part of the wedding in such a big way. The dresses, the wedding planning and then there is the Bachelorette Party – you get to choose all the fun Bachelorette activities for your best friend’s last night of freedom. But where to start! So many fun options out there and so many people to consider! In this blog we have a few suggestions how to make the whole process a little easier!

Top tip number 1: Keep the bride in mind at all times!

Top tip number 2: We suggest finding a location that is easy and central to all invited – particularly the Bride!

Once you’ve decided on a venue the next big part is the accommodation. Do you go for a house in the middle of nowhere – idyllic and peaceful? Or do you choose luxury apartments close to a main city? One thing is for sure wherever you choose and whatever type of weekend you’re planning the one thing that is a ‘must-have’ addition to any Bachelorette party, whether it’s just one day or a whole weekend, is a hunky, charming Butler in the Buff.

So Top tip number 3 is: Book a couple of Butlers in the Buff. No matter how big or small the party. Wild or low key, Butlers in the Buff bring a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ to any party! Fun, giggles, charm and they are actually useful!

There are so many ways to incorporate Butlers in the Buff into your Bachelorette party ideas. Here are some suggestions…

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Surprise the bride and even all the guests too. The butlers are used to being smuggled in through the side entrance and hiding in downstairs bathroom until the right moment to deliver a glass of bubbly to the blushing bride to be!

A great way to surprise the bride is playing ‘Guest the guest’. Simply blindfold the bride – get all guests to stand in a circle with the bride in the middle. Then by touch alone the bride has to guest who everyone is. For an extra bit of naughtiness – add the butler to be the last guest she guesses!

Breakfast butlers

You might just be doing a day time Bachelorette or maybe just one night home or away. Why not think of having a butler to serve your breakfast before you all head on to your activity. Champagne breakfast with a few Bachelorette party games hosted by your butler is a great start to any day! For ideas for games to play check out these games suggestions….

Afternoon tea butlers

A vintage themed tea or just a classic afternoon tea party is great ways to spend an afternoon. Organizing a tea in your accommodation gives you the freedom to add a butler or two. Top tip… Collect some vintage tea pots and have you butler serve the cocktails from tea pots into cups and saucers for an added twist! Your butlers will also be more than happy to serve the cucumber sandwiches. A great game for afternoon tea is ‘rapid dough’ – Bachelorette party style. Simply get some pots of putty/ play-dough, and then write out 20 Bachelorette related objects on little bits of paper. Split the group in to teams and each team has to choose a player to sculpt the object for their team members to guess! Winning team is the one who guesses the most objects. 

Night time Party Butlers

The classic use of a couple of Butlers in the Buff is at the start to an evening. Whether you are staying in on the Friday not or fancy some butlers to kick off the evening before you head out of the town. The butlers will make your weekend! Worried what the mother of the bride will think? Fear not – a recent survey from Butlers in the Buff showed that the mothers are the most flirtatious. 

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

Top things your butlers can do…

Cocktails – Print off some cocktail recipes and buy all the ingredients and have your butler make you some delicious drinks. Don’t forget to bring a cocktail shaker! Then watch those muscles in action.

Drinks… Point them in the direction of the fridge and drinks and they can wait on you all hand and foot.

The best fun is Party Games

Don’t afraid to get your butlers involved in party games – even if you haven’t planned any – there are games you can play with no props… like ‘I have never’. Or get each person to write down a funny story about the bride and the bride has to guess to whose story it is.

Or if you are super organized and pre arranged games ask you butlers to be quiz master – reading out questions.

A very popular game is the paper Wedding dress game – white garbage bags and white toilet roll – where two teams have to make a wedding dress on the bride and the butler. But the catch is it can be only made out of toilet roll and bin bags.

However, you chose to use your butlers. They will be an amazing part of your event and provide some great photo opportunities too!

Book yours today and remember two butlers are twice the fun!!