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Your bachelorette party shouldn’t be the only reason to visit Scottsdale. While planning your bridal crew activities with the hottest butlers in the city, you can also consider visiting the most popular attractions around the city or just spending time in downtown Scottsdale. 

This AZ city is among the most popular destinations to release all your unique bachelorette party wishes and ideas but also to spend time surrounded by the Sonoran Desert sun. It’s not even surprising that this is one of the most requested bachelorette destinations, knowing that there are about 300 sunny days every year.

That means you can plan plenty of additional activities with the bridal crew and hired butlers or even relax after a night full of parties and unique bridal celebrations.

Ready to extend your bach journey? 

scottsdale city ideas things to do

1. Enjoy Your Coffee Surrounded by the Beautiful Nature

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee while Camelback Mountain soaks the sunlight. While the Sonoran Desert offers a calm atmosphere, Scottsdale is a vibrant and urban city, great for any kind of party, adventure, or unique experience. 

The coffee shops on McDowell Mountain Ranch let you enjoy the panoramic views of the desert, no matter if you are preparing for a bachelorette party or you had it the night before.

2. Visit Cosanti Heritage Site

Once you arrive in Scottsdale, you can surely visit the Cosanti complex that blends architecture and art with community living. As it’s open for tours and special events, you can surely enrich your overall bachelorette experience. 

Cosanti is known for its artistic side, workshops, and educational programs. Imagine learning new things on your bachelorette trips and visiting one of the most popular heritage sites in Scottsdale. It’s surely a nice way to get inspired for a bachelorette game or just to enjoy the days you spend in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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3. Explore the Butterfly Wonderland

Looking for even more exciting things to do in Scottsdale? What about discovering the Butterfly Wonderland? Imagine an indoor rainforest oasis with gracious butterflies all around you. It’s surely an experience that will make your bachelorette weekend even more beautiful. 

Butterflies symbolize hope, transformation, endurance, and love – everything a future bride wants for her life with her loved one. The Butterfly Wonderland can be, indeed, an emotional experience for the whole crew while preparing for the bachelorette evening. 

Additionally, you can even create beautiful butterfly art to remind you of the great time you had in Scottsdale, AZ.

4. Have Some Golfing Experience

Those who love golfing surely have one more reason to visit Scottsdale besides the bridal celebration. Even though golf may not seem the perfect bachelorette idea at first, you can schedule one game and see how exciting it can be. 

So, choose your golf course and have fun, even if you think you aren’t a professional golfer. Make sure to book the club on time to ensure all the girls and butlers will have an unforgettable experience that leaves you wanting more of it. 

5. An Adventure at McDowell Sonoran Preserve

For the bride-to-be and her friends, a nice walk around the Sonoran Preserve can be such a refreshing thing to do before or after the main party. Hiking trails are so beautiful, with plenty of breathtaking landscapes of the mountains and valleys. 

For more adventurous bridal crews, rock climbing and horseback riding can be an extended excitement. Make sure you join guided tours or hire a guide who will help you discover the hidden gems of Scottsdale and its surroundings. 

NOTE: Keep your eyes peeled for the diverse wildlife that roams the preserve, including coyotes, javelinas, bobcats, and a variety of bird species. With a bit of luck, you might even spot a majestic desert tortoise. 

arizona desert and trails

6. The Scenic Arizona Canal Trail

The Arizona Canal Trail is pretty close to Scottsdale. If you travel for a weekend or plan on staying more than a day or two for the bachelorette party, you’re surely looking for more exciting things to do in Scottsdale. But look no more because this trail is great for biking, hiking, or just spending some time in nature. 

The butlers are waiting to serve you!

We guarantee that you can either feel energetic for the upcoming party or have some relaxing time the morning after. You can even let the buff butlers organize some picnic for you, enjoying under some tree shade. So, make sure you pack comfortable shoes because the Arizona Canal Trail invites you to discover the charm of its scenic pathway.

7. Interactive Exhibits at MIM

Do you love music? Or maybe you enjoy the history of music and musical instruments? The Musical Instrument Museum near Scottsdale and Phoenix is a nice addition to your bachelorette plans. For an even better experience, you can explore the Experience Gallery to discover and even play some of the available instruments.

Who knows, maybe you’ll learn some notes and surprise the bachelorette butlers with unique music at the party. Surely, MIM offers multisensory musical adventure, so if your bridal crew is into music, this is one of the best things to do in Scottsdale before or after the party. 

8. Shopping Paradise at Scottsdale Fashion Square

Every great bachelorette party can start or finish with an even greater shopping experience. We suggest you visit the Scottsdale Fashion Square and redefine everything you know about high-end brands, popular fashion, and specialty shops. 

The best thing is that you can discover unique local brands – a real souvenir from your Scottsdale bachelorette experience. Don’t forget to buy something unique for the evening’s butlers, too, to spice the whole experience up. 

Ready for the Ultimate Scottsdale Bachelorette Adventure?

Bachelorette parties are not only about cocktails, dancing, and enjoying your butler’s presence. If you travel to Scottsdale, you have a great chance to discover at least one of the places we mentioned here. 

Every bach party attendee deserves this kind of pampering, and Scottsdale is indeed one of the nicest places in the world, with so many exciting things to offer to visitors.