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If you are planning a bachelorette party to remember you should also have fabulous bachelorette party games that get everyone involved and, of course, misbehaving themselves! Our favourite Bachelorette Party Games have just the right combination of naughty-ness and competition that will not disappoint. No bachelorette party game is complete without a gorgeous Butler in the Buff to hand out the prizes, blindfolds or handcuffs!

Bachelorette Stagette Party Games: White Wedding

This creative version of the wedding dress game packs lots of competitive punch. Teams compete for the best dress design that can be modeled by a gorgeous Butler in the Buff! This is truly a game of ego, camp and glamour as competitors hustle together recyclables into Westwood-esque gowns . Take turns with one butler or try it with two!
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Bachelorette Stagette Party Games: Lose your Virginity

You only have to be just a bit 'like a virgin' to get in on this game! Get your Butler in the Buff to prepare the cream filled shots. There won't be a girl at the party who won't want to see a gorgeous naked man wielding a can of whip! Bonus prizes should be offered for those who can tie a knot in the cherry stem. Hands behind their back of course.
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Bachelorette Stagette Party Games: Hey Gorgeous -Kiss My...

This game brings out the blindfolds, lipstick and naked men! Always best played when a blindfold is placed on the participant by a Butler in the Buff. Pin up a full length poster of the bride's favourite celebrity. Put on some bright lipstick and be spun round by your helpful Butler. Then aim to plant a kiss on the naughty bit!
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Bachelorette Stagette Party Games: Bridget Jones' Big Underpants Race

A race that will definitely bring the girls closer together! This cheeky version of a three legged race will have everyone laughing to the point of tears. Using 'Fundies' underwear for two (available from most Bachelorette suppliers and Amazon). For more challenge add a blindfold for the 'leader' to wear!
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Bachelorette Stagette Party Games: Sexy Lingerie Piñata

This game is not only competitive, but sexy and fun! Plus the contents can be a memento for the bride to take away. Some early planning will be needed as each guest will be asked to contribute a piece of lingerie in advance that represents their personality, habits or quirks! After the piñata is broken have the bride try and guess who gave each gift-this is much more fun when forfeits are involved!
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Top Tips for Bachelorette Party Success

1) Happy Times. Try not to over think your planned activities or race from one thing to the next. Best games are the ones that are simple, have just the right amount of competition and for those who want it-the naughty factor!
2) Location location location. Have your games work with the decor or theme of the party. A giant cardboard penis may look a little off putting if you’re planning something classy or refined!
3)Everyone in. Choose games that get people talking either about their connection to the bride or themselves to get started. Have your Butler in the Buff warm up the crowd by announcing the games, reading off instructions and handing out materials.
4) Ice-breaker: Butlers in the Buff make the perfect ice breaker! Use your Butler for icebreaker activities like post it note games that find commonalities among the guests or a treasure hunt based on knowledge of the bride.
5) Save the drinks for last: Even if the highlight of your week is wine on Wednesday don’t forget to pace the party! Bring out any drinking games at or near the end so everyone can at least remember a good portion of the party.

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