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Here are some testimonials from our clients. Your input is important to us! If you’d like to provide your valuable feedback, we’d love to hear from you. You can do so by contacting us here.

Our weekend would not have been the same without the experience that our butler, William, provided. We are eternally grateful for the energy he brought to the bachelorette! ! He was professional, but at the same time extremely approachable and just down right a good guy. There was no weirdness, and in fact was much more comfortable of an experience than I could have imagined. We didn't have much planned for him to do and he handled things seamlessly, creating the perfect mood (without notice) to fit our group. Excellent all round!
Kendall, San Diego
“Liam and Sebastian completely exceeded any expectation I had. Not only were they extremely fun, they also did all the work for me. As the hostess I was intending on managing the games, making sure everyone had drinks, keeping everyone entertained but the boys did it all and I was able to relax and enjoy the party just as much as the Bride to be did!! Absolutely priceless, I would definitely book them again.
They were so polite and fun, happy to help with everything. We had some Grandma's in the group and they introduced themselves and checked they were okay with the naked butts. Out of everything I purchased for the party the two butlers were the best money I spent. I wish I had booked them for the whole four hours”
Natalie, Newton Abbot
“Alex and Christian were fantastic - polite, charming, engaging and obviously beautiful to look at. They were perfect for our professional group of ladies. I was worried it might all be a bit 'tacky' for our well established dental practice team even though we were in a private room of a very well respected award winning restaurant. I need not have worried. The boys were punctual, polite and perfect gentlemen, and adapted their behavior accordingly and did everything asked of them. We didn't want to let them go! We had a wonderful evening and would highly recommend Butlers in The Buff! Dr Pagliero ”
Dr Pagliero, Exeter
“Nick and Keenan were both SO great. First things first; they were both gorgeous and had great bodies. But their personalities shined through even more. They were both naturally comfortable with us and kept the party going, were super nice and friendly, and we all found them incredibly respectful. The bride told me that the butler surprise was by far the highlight of our bachelorette weekend. I agree! Everyone had fun. ”
Valerie, Los Angeles
“We had a blast with Micheal from the moment he walked in. He was fun and very entertaining while being very easy on the eyes to watch. He was super professional. Could not recommended him enough -top class!”
Mary, New York
“We LOVED our Butlers. They really made everyone comfortable and brought the party! Even some of the more conservative girls at our event were comfortable around Wit and Corey -- it was a fun, laughter-filled evening-Great service!”
Alison, Philadelphia
“Zac did an amazing job! He has a great personality and charm that allowed everyone to relax and enjoy the evening. Zac helped make our Girls Weekend Getaway a hit. I definitely will be booking him again. ”
Irma, Houston
“We had an amazing day at the beach with Alex. He poured our drinks, took photos, carried floats and coolers. Everyone agreed that he was amazing! Thank you Alex! ”
Heather, Siesta Key
“Kalel was very professional, played bachelorette games with us, served us drinks, and offered to clean up. Very laid back and showed up early. More classy and less uncomfortable for a bride to be and her bridesmaids. Had BITB in the UK before and NYC- same great service both sides of the pond!”
Jodie, Washington DC
“Butlers in the Buff were amazing! Nicholas was punctual, friendly and professional. We did not want the awkwardness, and raunchiness of a male stripper, the bride-to-be was not the kind of person who would want to have a stripper make her feel uncomfortable. As the host, I did not really want a stripper in my home where you don't really know what could happen. When I found out about Butlers in the Buff, it was the perfect compromise. We were able to include some naughtiness at the party, but still feel totally comfortable and in control. Aside from that, having someone help host the party games, make drinks, clean spills etc, was perfect; it is like having a sexy co-host, which allows you to participate in the activities and relax a bit. ”
Ashley, San Diego
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